December 30, 2012

How to fold an origami snake

Way to make an easy origami snake.

1. Mountain fold and unfold. What is the "mountain fold" ?

2. Turn paper over.

3. Valley fold and unfold. What is the "valley fold" ?

4. Fold and unfold.

5. Fold and unfold.

6. More fold and unfold.

7. Turn paper over.

8. Pleat fold. What is the "pleat fold" ?

9. Snake the paper like snake, then complete. However...
I show an example how to snake it.

9. Fold.

10. Raise like the next photo.

11. Fold.

12. Turn paper over.

13. Raise like the next photo.

14. Look from the top.

15. Mountain fold and unfold.

16. Valley fold and unfold.

17. Combination fold. Like the next photos.

18. Making a head part.

19. Fold like the step 15,16,17.

20. Inside reverse fold. Fold the tip a little. What is the "inside reverse fold" ?

21. Model complete.

Thank you.

The art of folding more sharp.
When you fold a crease toward a crease like the step 5, you should fold blow.

If you Fold the blue line toward the red line, you should put the *1 and the *2 together.
It is better that there are many folding marks.
You can fold more sharp. Try it when you feel good.

Basic Technique "mountain fold"

This is origami's basic for origami's newcomer.
"Mountain fold" is called "山折り(Yama Ori)" in Japan.Mountain is "山(yama)".
Often case, "mountain fold" is shown a dotted line like this.

You may encounter direction like this.
"Fold and unfold."

Then, you should fold below.
1. Turn paper over.

2. Valley fold and unfold.
If you don't know "valley fold", please read my old post Basic technique "valley fold".

3. Turn paper and complete.

Left paper is "valley fold", right paper is "mountain fold".

Valley fold's reverse is mountain fold.

Creation of origami snake that is next year's Chinese zodiac

We use Chinese zodiac in Japan. Next years is snake year.
I created an easy origami snake.

I will post how to fold it near.

December 29, 2012

Create origami deer's head and incidentally dragon

Way to creation of a deer.
Before Christmas, internet user who searched "origami deer" often came this blog.
I thought that "if I create a deer, everyone will be glad".
Then I started create an origami deer. But, I could not catch the Christmas.
Today, I have created just deer's head. The body is not yet.
It looks like a wall hanging.A stuffed head is not usual in Japanese home.

The back.
The unused parts of paper were left over in back.
I wish I could make the body from the surplus parts.

By the way, deer's horns are branched.
The horns are not branched in my above photos.
I want to create branched horns.
However, this will be fit a Chinese dragon's head.
Like this.
I wish I could fold dragon's body too...
I want to this I want to that, this post will not take sharp...
Then, let's wrap it up today.

December 26, 2012

Basic technique "Valley fold" and point for more beautiful folding

Today,I introduce an origami basic technique "Valley fold" for newcomer,
and careful point for more beautiful folding.

"Valley fold" is called "谷折り(Tani Ori)" in Japan.
Often case, "valley fold" is shown a dotted line like this.

For example, if you encounter direction like this
"Fold and unfold.",

you should fold bellow.
1. Set origami paper.

2. Fold the *1 to the *2.

3. Half way.

4. Crease the base of the triangle.

5. Unfold.

6. Complete.

Congratula... Wait, wait!! Look at the No.4 carefully.
The corner is sifted.
This is not good for beautiful origami.

Technique for more beautiful folding.
When you fold No.2, it is not good that just putting *1 and *2 together.
You should fold the edge to the edge.
Put *3 and *4 together and put *5 and *6 together.

If the origami paper is not accuracy square,
the edges or the corners may be shifted.
In that case, it is good that *1 point and *2 point are shifted.
The edges is not shifted, that is point of beautiful folding.

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