June 7, 2010

Do you know WASHI?

WASHI is traditional paper of Japan.
When WASHI is written by the KANJI, it becomes "和紙".
"和" means Japan or Japanese.
"紙" means paper.
This photo is the Ancient Dragon.This is made by CHIYOGAMI.
CHIYOGAMI is "千代紙".
"千代紙" is a paper with colored figures.
"千代紙" is a kind of "和紙".
Very colorful "和紙" is "千代紙".
"和紙"is the best for ORIGAMI.
Please touch Japanese paper if you come to Japan.

The difficult ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
No cut and a square.50cm*50cm.
Reference book : KamiyaSatoshi Sakuhinsyu (Works of SatoshiKamiya)

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