June 13, 2010

Origami Kabuto

---Dec 22,2012 Update post---
This is Origami Kabuto. It is Japanese Samurai helmet.
As we know, Samurai is soldiers in old Japan.

The time required : 10minutes
The difficulty : **
A square paper not cutting : 15cm*15cm
Reference book : Honkaku Origami

--20130131 update--
If you feel that you want to fold this kabuto,
please read this book review.
I introduce the book that have diagram of the kabuto.


  1. Hi, can you explain me how to do it?, its awsome

  2. Hi, AndreaD'Amico.

    I'm sorry,I can't explain you.
    Because the right of this product is not mine.


    This book is teach you how to fold.


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