July 6, 2010


Deer that is standing with sitting deer.Both heads are the same structures.
Sitting deer is a square.Standing deer is a rectangle (A4 size).

Sitting deer
The difficult : ****
No cut and a square.25cm*25cm.
Reference book : Viva! Origami

Standing deer
The difficult : ****
No cut and an A4.
Reference book : Honkaku Origami 2

--2012/12/21 postscript--
How to fold an origami them?
Sitting deer's book is not sales.
But, standing deer's book has been released English version.
So you can fold standing version when you read this.

But, the deer is difficult.
If you challenge the deer and if you could not fold, please comment to this post.
I will advise as much as possible.


  1. Hi,

    I realize this post is a little older, but I would like to see the instructions for folding this deer (but the link is broken).

    Can you provide a new link please? If you have time, and thank you.

    1. My link is broken as well:( Has he gave you a new link yet?


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