November 16, 2012

Crown mask from "Works of Hideo KOMATSU"

I tried to fold CrownClown Mask today.
This was easier than outward appearance.
There are two colors,still this is only one sheet of paper.
Front color and back color were used.
The technique called "inside-out".

And light up!
The eyes are shining.

--- CrownClown Mask ---
The difficulty:**
Time to fold:15 minutes
Paper info:15cm * 15cm (Not cut anywhere)
Reference book:Works of Hideo KOMATSU

Works from the same book


  1. Hi! Great blog! I really like your pictures, and the neat way you fold the figures. A tiny correction, this figure is a "clown" mask (you know, a funny guy with painted face and colored clothes) instead of "crown" (metallic hat-like stuff used by kings or queens). Keep improving your english, you are getting better! Good luck! :)

    1. >satsukinekoi
      I'm so sorry for late my reply.
      And Thank you very much for your comment and pointing out.
      The difference of "L" and "R" is so difficult for me.
      I will do corrective action.
      However, I'll leave only one in title to memories!

  2. Can you say me how to do that, i really say you a big big thank you if you teach me



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