November 28, 2012

Minotaur from "Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 2"

Last Saturday, I bought new origami book.
The title is "Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 2".
"Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 1" was very very difficult.
What about Part2 ?

Today, I tried Minotaur.Minotaur(Wikipedia)

It looks like hands part is difficult.
But, the most difficult part is bull's head.
I used a 30cm*30cm paper and the head became small.
Then, the head was difficult.I took a picture with care as you can not look bad part.

This is my easy studio.
I just pasted black paper in a corrugated carton.
Minotaur is small, isn't it?

--- Minotaur ---
The difficulty:******
Time to fold:3 hours
Paper info:30cm * 30cm (Not cut anywhere)
Reference book:Works of Satoshi KAMIYA 2

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