December 26, 2012

Basic technique "Valley fold" and point for more beautiful folding

Today,I introduce an origami basic technique "Valley fold" for newcomer,
and careful point for more beautiful folding.

"Valley fold" is called "谷折り(Tani Ori)" in Japan.
Often case, "valley fold" is shown a dotted line like this.

For example, if you encounter direction like this
"Fold and unfold.",

you should fold bellow.
1. Set origami paper.

2. Fold the *1 to the *2.

3. Half way.

4. Crease the base of the triangle.

5. Unfold.

6. Complete.

Congratula... Wait, wait!! Look at the No.4 carefully.
The corner is sifted.
This is not good for beautiful origami.

Technique for more beautiful folding.
When you fold No.2, it is not good that just putting *1 and *2 together.
You should fold the edge to the edge.
Put *3 and *4 together and put *5 and *6 together.

If the origami paper is not accuracy square,
the edges or the corners may be shifted.
In that case, it is good that *1 point and *2 point are shifted.
The edges is not shifted, that is point of beautiful folding.

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