December 29, 2012

Create origami deer's head and incidentally dragon

Way to creation of a deer.
Before Christmas, internet user who searched "origami deer" often came this blog.
I thought that "if I create a deer, everyone will be glad".
Then I started create an origami deer. But, I could not catch the Christmas.
Today, I have created just deer's head. The body is not yet.
It looks like a wall hanging.A stuffed head is not usual in Japanese home.

The back.
The unused parts of paper were left over in back.
I wish I could make the body from the surplus parts.

By the way, deer's horns are branched.
The horns are not branched in my above photos.
I want to create branched horns.
However, this will be fit a Chinese dragon's head.
Like this.
I wish I could fold dragon's body too...
I want to this I want to that, this post will not take sharp...
Then, let's wrap it up today.

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