December 30, 2012

How to fold an origami snake

Way to make an easy origami snake.

1. Mountain fold and unfold. What is the "mountain fold" ?

2. Turn paper over.

3. Valley fold and unfold. What is the "valley fold" ?

4. Fold and unfold.

5. Fold and unfold.

6. More fold and unfold.

7. Turn paper over.

8. Pleat fold. What is the "pleat fold" ?

9. Snake the paper like snake, then complete. However...
I show an example how to snake it.

9. Fold.

10. Raise like the next photo.

11. Fold.

12. Turn paper over.

13. Raise like the next photo.

14. Look from the top.

15. Mountain fold and unfold.

16. Valley fold and unfold.

17. Combination fold. Like the next photos.

18. Making a head part.

19. Fold like the step 15,16,17.

20. Inside reverse fold. Fold the tip a little. What is the "inside reverse fold" ?

21. Model complete.

Thank you.

The art of folding more sharp.
When you fold a crease toward a crease like the step 5, you should fold blow.

If you Fold the blue line toward the red line, you should put the *1 and the *2 together.
It is better that there are many folding marks.
You can fold more sharp. Try it when you feel good.


  1. Do you know whose design this is?

  2. >Michila
    I designed this snake. But, there are possibility that other person designed same snake before because this snake is comparatively easy.
    If you know the designer, please teach me.


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