December 22, 2012

How to make "Origami feathery Heart"

Christmas is fast approaching, so I introduce the way to folding an Origami Heart.
This origami is heart with wings.

This origami heart requires "Inside reverse fold".
If you don't know that, please read How to "inside reverse fold" .

Then, start.
1. Fold in half and unfold.

2. Fold in half and unfold.

3. Fold corners to the center.

4. Turn paper over.

5. Fold the edge to the center.

6. Fold the edges to the center and unfold.

7. Fold the corners to the center edge and unfold.

8. Inside reverse fold.How to "inside reverse fold" .

9. Turn paper over.

10. Inside reverse fold.This is difficult point.Look at next photo careful.

11. Fold the corners to about center and unfold.

12. Inside reverse fold.

13. Turn paper over.

14. Fold the flap to furthest point.

15. Fold the corners to the edge.

16. Fold the corners to the edge.

17. Crease at quarter.

18. Pleat fold and turn paper over.What is the "Pleat fold".

19. Spread its wings, then model complete!

This opus(as "Wings of love") is published on "Origami Shin-Sekai" that is old book.
The book is published many years ago.
I arranged the diagram for beginner.
Please comment if you could not complete.

Then, have a nice X'mas.
I will eat dinner alone...


  1. Very nice tutorial. Easy to follow pictures and wonderful annotations. Thanks! :D

  2. >PhyscoKillerMonkey
    Thank you for your comment. Your comment gave me confidence because I am studying English.


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