January 31, 2013

I recommend a book if you want to fold more difficult origami

I bought this book about 5 years ago.
When I read(correctly tried) this book, I became to be able to fold complex origamis.
If you can fold the origami crane(ori-tsuru) and you want to fold more difficult origami,
I recommend the book.

But if you can't fold the origami crane, I don't recommend. It is early for you.
I introduced how to fold the origami crane in this page.
I bought Japanese version, but English version is published too.
The title is "Genuine Origami".(Japanese name is "本格折り紙(Honkaku origami)")
I posted the link of Amazon.com.
However, I introduced how wonderful the book is below.
In this book, there are 5 parts.
For super beginner, for beginner, for middle, for advanced and extra.
Then, you will progress your origami ability if you fold the work in simple order.

In the part for super beginner, these origamis are introduced.
In these works, sometimes it is too simple to understand what this is when the first.
For example, what is this?
This is giraffe.
You don't look like giraffe? However, you think that "I can fold this because this is simple"?
Yes, it is easy.
If you have folded the all super beginner's works, you should go to next.

Next, the part for beginner.
There are works more realistic than before part.
You can recognize, kabuto, dolphin, monkey, boar, snake, doll and tree.
In this part, basic origami techniques are introduced.

In part for middle, more difficult works and more important skills are introduced.
I folded works of this part many times. I could train origami ability.
They are, horse, sheep, triceratops, dragon,
standing crane, 3 heads crane, rabbit, penguin, mask of tiger(it is not a bear,I have mistake that using brown paper), mask of devil,
cow, frog, present box, squid and papillon.
And the boss of middle area, pyramid.

By the way, the one by one works have the theme through the book.
For example, "realistic", "mathematical", "distinguish origami by using 2 colors" and "3 dimensional".
When looking at carefully, you may recognize they have another characteristic.
This book taught me various origami views.

Before I write about advanced part, I introduce about extra corner.
The book introduce mainly about origami works that made of 1 sheet of square paper.
However, origami is not only that.
Using 2 sheet of papers or using many parts or not using square paper should be called origami too.

In the book, such works are introduced like these.

Tea bag deer

Dolls displayed on the girl's festival day
This doll is not 1 sheet. The body and kimono are set.

Mt.Fuji module
This is called "unit origami". This is framed of 30 sheet of papers.
Not 1 square origami are interesting too, how about you?

At last, for advanced.
This part is the corpus of before.
The quantity of works smaller than middle part.
However, you will take more times than that.
Chinese dragon, flying beetle, devil, chick, tyrannosaurus, turkey and peacock.
I can feel that the book author is particular about Fingers, horns, wings and details.
If you folded these origamis and give to someone, they will be glad.
Me too, my grandmother is very glad!
And I can enjoy origami more and more.
When you have folded the devil, you will love origami.

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