January 12, 2013

Tiger from "Works of Hideo KOMATSU"

Origami tiger.
Of course, it is 1 sheet of square paper. And it was not used scissors.
This work is the most complex in the book.

I pasted the big yellow paper on the big black paper.
Because, I don't have a paper that the front side is yellow and the reverse side is black.
Such a paper is seldom on sale.
So, I had to make the tiger paper.

The face had become gentle. I wished to fold more stern face.
It look like an uncle.
Next time that if I fold same one, I want to fold a very terrible tiger like god father.

--- Tiger ---
The difficulty:*****
Time to fold:4 hours
Paper info:55cm * 55cm (Not cut anywhere)
Reference book:Works of Hideo KOMATSU

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