February 19, 2013

Unit origami ball

Origami that made of one sheet, is not all of origami.
Origami made of many sheets of paper, is fun too.
The relish of one sheet origami and the fun of many sheets origami is different.
How different? Try it and you can catch faster than I explane.

This origami ball is made of many same parts.
Such origami is called "Unit Origami". In this case, 30 parts.

Let's enjoy unit origami.

1. Fold.

2. Fold.

3. Fold.

4. Turn paper over.

5. Fold.

6. Fold.

7. Memorize the point A.

8. Turn paper over.

9. Fold.

10. Memorize the point B.

11. Turn paper over.

12. Fold the point A toward the point B.

13. Unfold.

14. Fold the corner toward the corner. This time, the point A and B open.

15. Fold.

16. Turn paper over.

17. Fold.

18. Fold.

19. Unfold.

20. 1 piece complete.

21. Make more 2 parts.

22. Insert into the middle layer.

23. Repeat 22.

24. Make more 5 blocks.

25. And repeat 22 and repeat 22 and repeat 22 and......

26. Then complete.

Unit origami is not easy. Especially makeup is difficult.
However, the folding is easy in many case.
Witch do you like better, one sheet origami or unit origami?


  1. Very intresting unit!
    Thanks for instructions.
    Great work and very well is presented in your blog activity.Many inspiration in all!

    1. >Modart
      Thank you very much.
      I saw your blog. Your blog is more interesting than mine! I like it.

  2. Replies
    1. >Katy Sherman
      I'm so sorry for my very very late reply.
      I questioned to the creator of this work,
      He said "穴あきサッカーボール(Ana aki succer ball)".
      It means "perforated succer ball".


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