Step5 "Rabbit ear fold"

Origami beginners are weak on plural crease lines.
For example, like this.
There are 4 lines. Sometimes they lose us in confusion.
But don't worry. Almost case, it is not difficult.

1. Fold and unfold.

2. Fold and unfold.

3. Fold and unfold.

4. When you finished No.3,There are 3 crease lines. I showed black dotted lines.

5. Fold 3 lines together.
Pinch the corner and flatten it on one side.

6. Complete. This is "Rabbit ear fold".
In Japan, "つまみ折り(Tsumami ori)".

7. If you unfold, you can see the 4th line.
I showed red line. The line was folded automatically.

8. Let's fold the another side.

9. Complete.

If you encounter plural lines, you should fold plain lines.
When you plain line together, unknown lines will be folded automatically.
Next step is "Outside reverse fold"

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